Black River Paneling


Our Black River Paneling comes from logs that were originally harvested in the 1800’s. The original timber harvester left this material on the swampy forest floor because about 1/3 of the length of these huge trees had been attacked by a fungus. This material was of no use to them due to the fact they were looking for building material. Today we covet this material with its vertical hollow pockets and three-dimensional character to create interest and detail to our homes. Black River Paneling is commonly used for interior paneling and tongue and groove ceilings.

Current Lead Time:

3/4″ standard thickness, available in random width combinations of 3″ to 7″
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3/4″ standard thickness, available in random width combinations of 6″ to 9″
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4/4″ Stock, random width combinations.
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  • A 3% overage is guaranteed.
  • Made from 100% reclaimed virgin growth cypress.
  • 100% heart wood with tight dense grain.
  • Mixture of quarter sawn and plain sawn with some small tight knots.
  • Coloring varying from honey to light brown with green and dark brown mineral stain.
  • Vertical hollow pockets adding interest to this material.
  • Above average random lengths.
  • Offset tongue and groove with pre-squared ends.
  • All orders are bundled in separate widths and lengths prior to shipping.
  • Professionally packed in nestled bundles.
  • Every piece guaranteed 100% defect free.
  • Made from kiln dried stock which averages 8% moisture content.
  • Available in v-groove, square edged, small eased edged and 4/4” stock.
  • Select matching accessories can be provided