The Hickory is a very hard, dense wood. Because of these characteristics it has been used in furniture, for tool handles, to cure meats and even as wagon wheels. This same characteristic makes Hickory a great wood for flooring.

Current Lead Time:

3/4″ standard thickness, available in a random width combination of 2″ to 6″
Current lead time: 30 days.

  • A 3% overage is guaranteed.
  • Made from furniture grade stock.
  • Mix of beige sapwood and light brown to chocolate heartwood.
  • Randomly scattered and sized knots.
  • May also contain worm holes and surface cracks.
  • Random lengths between 1' and 12' with an average length between 4' and 7'.
  • Offset tongue and groove with pre-squared ends.
  • All orders are bundled in separate widths and lengths prior to shipping.
  • Professionally packed in nestled bundles.
  • Every piece of flooring guaranteed 100% defect free.
  • All of our floors are made from kiln dried stock which averages 8% moisture content.
  • Matching accessories can be provided