Lyptus is a hybrid produced from cross breeding of the Eucalyptus Grandis and Eucalypts Urophylla.  Grown on plantations throughout South America, the Lyptus tree reaches maturity in 15 to 16 years.  Combining its hardness, ease of reproducing saplings, fast maturity, and beautiful color, makes the Lyptus prefect for flooring applications.  Also since it is grown on carefully managed plantations so you know the material is coming from a consistent and environmentally sound supply.

Current lead Time:

3/4″ standard thickness, available in random width combinations of 2″ to 7″
Current lead time: 60 days.

3/4″ standard thickness, available in random width combinations of 5″ to 9″
Current lead time: 60 days.

  • A 3% overage is guaranteed.
  • Hybrid produced from the cross breeding of Eucalyptus Grandis & Eucalyptus Urophylla.
  • Fine grain pattern with distinctive burling and eyes.
  • Color variations from light to medium pinks and light reds, similar to American Cherry.
  • Clear of knots. (Rustic Option will include knots)
  • Random Lengths between 1’ and 12’ with an average length between 4’ and 8’.
  • Offset tongue and groove with pre-squared ends.
  • All orders are bundled in separate widths and lengths prior to shipping.
  • Professionally packed in nestled bundles.
  • Every piece of flooring guaranteed 100% defect free.
  • All of our floors are made from kiln dried stock which averages 8% moisture content.
  • Matching accessories can be provided.